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6 To Success Accelerated Moves You From Stuck & Frustrated to Confidently

Building Your Business

start where you are and follow the plan

We have the step by step process for entrepreneurs who need to set up their tech and systems before they can dive into their business. We also offer an accelerated version where we focus on finding your ideal clients and closing them fast!

In the beginning there is technical set up for collecting clients and nurturing them. Then you need to sort out who is your client and where do you find them. Research, content and sales knowhow are also big parts of the picture.

That stuff that slows you down if you're not clear on what you really need to set up and in what order. This is where a lot of many entrepreneurs are steered wrong. They worry about building a pretty brand and a bunch of followers on social media first. What good is a huge following if they are not your actual buying clients?

If you have never done something before then how can you expect to know how to do that thing? We've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours consuming training and growing our own business. We've mastered the art of the set up for success online and have build step by step systems for you to do the same.

Just starting or just trying to get paying clients in the door, go at your own pace and chose if you want live coaching or not. We have a spot for you!

Let us take a peak into your business and see how we can help!


Is a unique blend of digital delivery, community connections

and live weekly coaching to launch & grow your Business

they said...

What our most recent students are saying about us and 6 To Success

jen Vertanen


"Helped me more in an hour ....

"When countless others and thousands and thousand of dollars have not been able to. Even though I am not new to the business I decided to work with April & Jaylee in 6 To Success Program and they are kicking my butt in the very best way possible. Hands down the best money I have spent, and I have spent a lot!"

Jessica Treijs


"Thank you for this course...."

"It is straightforward and easy to follow, just the thing I needed at this point. Feeling thankful! I wanted to share how much motivation, excitement and momentum this course is bringing my coaching. Had my first consultation today and I am so thankful for the mental shifts this course is bringing me, mindset really is everything!"

meet april

30+ years of offline business coupled with an unquenchable tenacity to see both herself and others succeed led April to coaching & consulting then course creation. She gets service providers and their unique struggles!

Working for other people was always a struggle. I have a great work ethic but it always left me resentful and underpaid working for others. This is also a symptom of PTSD, which I have struggled with for years.

Creativity and a willingness to do things differently kept me afloat for many years. I was involved in some great business and created many of my own.

The upside is that I was able to learn so much about so many different businesses. I also learned that I could create whatever kind of work I wanted to do, and I did.

About 2015 I started to look at all these people online, working out how it was they were creating income in these creative ways. What I was really doing was trying to work out how I was going to do it!

meet jaylee

Mamma of two, operations pro and accomplished systems builder!

JayLee is a talented Operations Professional. After years working for the State Government she decided it was time to go out on her own.

She too struggled to get up and running, trying a few things along the way but is now firmly entrenched in the online world.

She shares her many years of experience both on and offline in all of our programs. Her work ethic is unsurpassable!!!

As a natural people person, with a calm cool and collected approach, Jaylee and her skills are appreciated by all who come across her path!

6 To Success

Our signature program teaches only what you need and none of the fluff. The objective is income.



Already set up or not, the program ensures you are set up to maximize income. We don't waste time on things that don't matter. Instead, we focus on what we know matters for creating income fast!



Many new entrepreneurs forget this piece. It is vital to understand your market. And the right kind of research matters. You can waste so much time and money doing it wrong. We teach how to get the info you need, fast!




Often I hear "everybody," well you can't be for everybody, this is a recipe for failure! In order to really nail down your niche, you have to do the work. And the answers are not just in your head. We have a simple, step by step process for nailing this down.



This appears to be the biggest mystery. We're here to tell you it is not a mystery but a proven system. We have proven our system for finding clients works and we still use it ourselves. You will learn everything you need to know about organic marketing and how to take advantage of it without spamming.



Have you ever tried yelling during a very loud concert? No one can hear you, there is already too much noise. However, if you started tapping people on the shoulder and whispering sweet nothings in their ears, you would get noticed and heard! That is what good content does, and we will teach you how to do it well!



We really dislike the word sales. Many years ago we would never have said we were good at "sales," it even sounds dirty right? Well, it need not be. Sales is 50% numbers & 50% mindset. Once you understand there is a system and you learn through our course how to overcome your bias about it, you will take off like a pro!